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Portrait photographer london – what’s behind the shot

Which is the best 'look' for YOUR business?

After all my do's and don'ts posts relating to your face it's now time to think of what's framing it! Depending on how you want to portray your business, the background can make a big difference to the 'look' and it's good to start thinking about this before your shoot.

It's important to keep the picture simple as it's you and not the location or backdrop that's important but there are a few options to think about depending on your type of work and client base.  Here is a very crude and basic list of possible choices to start with though of course anything is possible (within reason!)



Grey or white plain backdrops or, if in a very light and attractive office a great shot with blurred office background.  Windows look great if taken at a jaunty angle too though there is always the problem with reflection of course and you may not want the photographer in the pic with you! 


Plain grey or black studio/outdoors with natural light/indoors with hint of interior - important to look inviting, warm and appealing.  


Any colour background/outdoors with natural light/indoors with hint of office or home interior 


Outdoors with natural light - urban shot with (blurry) wall in shot or just dark or black outdoor background.  Some photographers favour hints of foliage and park but I'm not a big fan!


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