Smile or not to Smile

To smile or not to smile, that is the question…

This question came to me yesterday while talking to a group of solicitors about headshots. I normally like to get the warmth and friendliness across in business headshots (plus a bit of a smile does wonders for the old bone structure!) but while we decided that this would be the look SOME of their potential clients would be after – especially with family law where the client may be feeling vulnerable and daunted – for others who want the rottweiler fighting their corner it may be the last thing they’re after.

We were trying to decide how photographers should deal with this double-edged sword – would it be best to go for the middle ground – serious yet not too scary – or would it be better to decide on an image, whether friendly and warm or serious and aggressive and go for that? Alternatively, would it be good to get a variety – some of the members of the team friendly and others looking more serious…

Lawyers out there – what do you think?

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