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Corporate Headshot Photography

Corporate photography shoots in your office

It's so important to get proper professional Corporate headshot Photography for your company website.  Coming into your office with my small, unobtrusive compact pop-up studio means we can get a really uniform look to your gallery of employees and partners creating a clean and sophisticated 'About Us' page.  Business Portraits take Corporate Headshots to the next level. Often widely commissioned for PR and editorial use as well as for annual reports they are the all-important part to all your company's visual needs.

If you're worried that you'll have to keep having me back every time someone new joins the company - don't be!  At a fraction of the cost of another group shoot I can keep your gallery up-to-date by shooting each newbie at my studio near to Finsbury Park, using exactly the same backdrop we've used for the first office photoshoot.  That way your website keeps its uniform 'look' with no upheaval and less cost.

I love to work around any ideas you may have for your company photoshoot - whether using the office as the backdrop or even outdoors if you have somewhere particularly photogenic nearby.  I can also add our own ideas too to come up with the bespoke headshots best for your company.

As well as the all-important headshots, it's often useful to create some group pictures as well - getting employees and partners together for a mock-up meeting or 'talk' can create some great images to use for newsletters and any other PR.

Prices vary depending on the job and its requirements but can be quoted quickly once I have some idea of what you'd like.  Please do get in touch for a chat and I can sort out the shoot to best suit your company.

You'll have a lot of moaning and groaning from all when they know they'll have to face the camera but it's amazing how much my clients really enjoy the experience in the end!

Please do have a look at my gallery for more examples of corporate headshots