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Let your face speak volumes with the perfect professional portrait and corporate headshot

Professional portrait photography is now a must.  These days with so much business being marketed on-line it’s crucial that your web-site and all your social media profiles stands out. There are so many businesses on that web offering the same as you so it’s never been so important to grab those prospective clients trawling their way through that lovely internet with a really good corporate headshot.

Corporate headshots for the whole team

For any corporate companies wanting great head shots of their employees I can bring my portable studio to your office - we only need a small space to set up the lights and it takes no time at all to get everyone done and looking great on the company web-site

Believe me, it really is painless – and from what most of my clients say – it’s actually really good fun!

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Why spend the money on professional portrait photography when you've got an iPhone?

We can all look through glossy sites with loads of fabulous testimonials but ultimately we’re all human and really more interested and attracted by someone we feel we can connect with - even if at a subconscious level.  There’s no point bunging an iPhone pic taken on the beach last summer with your partner's arm still in frame on to your gorgeous new site – what most clients are drawn to is someone who looks not only professional but personable and our faces say so much more than all that well thought-out text possibly can.  As small business owners we ARE the business and our faces are the front window to the shops - never underestimate the power of that window!!

I promise it's not scary!!

As an ex-actress who hated having head shots done more than anything else in the world I can completely sympathise with anyone sitting in front of my lens! I KNOW how intimidating it can all feel (believe me I’ve been thrown into week long depressions after seeing my own photos!)  but with a coffee and a bit of a laugh it’s really amazing how many times I’ve heard "Ooh I was dreading this but it’s actually been really fun!" after a shoot. It’s all very laid-back and casual, the shoot taking place in my home in North London so won’t even take up much of your much needed time in the day, resulting with you having the perfect professional portrait photography for your business - and even possibly for your mum!

As our businesses are all so different and require such different approaches it’s important to have a good chat beforehand to really decide the kind of look you’re after. Whether it’s formal or relaxed, a casual portrait or a corporate headshot – or all of the above – we’ll sort it so you have the perfect look to bring in the business.

I love working with small business owners – people like myself who have started something new and are running it themselves. There are so many different types of businesses out there – all fascinating to hear about – and I love getting the right image for you in order to get your business and web presence to that next crucial stage. It’s about getting the real you, relaxed and of course extremely appealing! There is no better way to achieve this, than having a professional portrait and corporate headshot photo that excels.

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