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Professional Portrait Photography

These days with so much competition for business on-line it has never been so important to have the right 'look'. With a gorgeous, properly lit portrait on your web-site, Linkedin and FB page you will not only appear so much more professional but also more personable and appealing. It's all very well having the right blurb and glowing testimonials on your site but so many potential clients choose which business they go to depending on how they feel they will get on with that person. The right picture, showing you at your very best and most approachable can do more than a stream of glowing testimonials ever can! I totally understand how daunting the prospect of a 'photo shoot' can seem but believe me it's fun, relaxed and over very quickly! More about Professional Profile Photography.

Actors' Headshots Photography

As an ex-actress and wife of a tv/film director I know only too well how important that headshot is. You have to get it right. Whether it's for 'Spotlight', 'Casting Call' or any other place you want to display your publicity headshot, there is absolutely no point having an image out there that isn't giving you the right push (believe me I've heard hubby complaining enough times about this!). When your Spotlight headshot is seen, you need it to grab the attention of not only the casting director but the director him/herself and with the filmic style I'm known for - you will. It usually helps my acting clients too that I can slide some photos of them under his nose when casting - a common occurrence! More about Actor's Headshot Spotlight Photography

Children & Family Photography

I love taking gorgeous photos of children - be it in the park or my garden. It's always great fun for myself as well as the families and the results speak for themselves. Whether it's for a special occasion such as the birth of your first child or their christening or barmitzvah, or perhaps a special birthday or family celebration or just for the album, there is nothing better than giving a family some beautiful photos of their children to cherish and, as a mum of three boys I do know how important and wonderful it is to have those gorgeous reminders to treasure forever. Time passes so quickly and before you know it they're teenagers who will do anything to avoid their mother's camera! More about Family & Childrens' Photography.

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April Pearson Actors Headshot by Henrietta Photography North London