Children's & Family Photography North London

Family Photographer North London

How does it work?

The session usually takes place in Henrietta’s North London garden or if more convenient in your own garden or at a nearby park.

You just sit and relax while your children play surrounded by toys and entertained by the funny lady with the camera!

A few days after the session, I'll email you your own web page from where you can view your gorgeous photos at leisure; you will have around 200 images to choose from before deciding on your prints.

What should we bring?

If we're at the park or the woods it's not a bad idea to bring a ball or anything else they like to play with. The odd snack or treat too can often rectify any sudden 'situation' so always helpful to have something hidden in your bag!


Basically I love the children looking as natural as possible especially as they're playing outside - it's also probably more comfy for them to just be in their casual clothes. Whatever you like them in is fine but striped/flowery clothes are lovely and give a certain vintage quality to the pics which I particularly love. It's quite nice to have a similar colour scheme if there's more than one child though it only needs to be subtle - certainly not all in the same block colour, that would look a bit boring!

If you're feeling adventurous you could always throw a few of their favourite costumes into your (now rather heavy!) bag.  A bit of a fairy or a cowboy look can add another dimension to the trip to the woods! Even one of their fun or fancy hats is great!


How much does it cost?

  • Photo session (however long it takes) £195.00
  • Includes a free print up to size 5 x 7
  • Extra prints start at £20.00
  • 5 Free low resolution copies of your ordered images for Facebook etc

Extra Prints:
6" x 4"     £20
7" x 5"     £25 

10" x 8" / A4




Also available:
Block boards
Photo books

Prices on request.

If you'd prefer to print your images yourself and keep the copyright of the original image  - digital images in high resolution are available at the following prices:

1 image -      £60
5 images -   £250
10 images - £400
15 images - £650

Or how about a gift voucher for your partner's/grandparent's birthdays, valentines day, mother's/father's day, xmas....?