Having studied to be an actress at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and then spent twenty years in front of the camera I am now very happily ensconced behind it taking the photos of anyone who needs great photos, whether for business or pleasure.

As an actress I spent many years dreading those awful photo shoots that always came around again so quickly so am completely sympathetic to anyone else now having to have them done!  I pride myself though on my relaxed, fun approach to the whole thing – whether it’s an actors’ photo shoot, some relaxed professional photos of an SME,  a corporate shoot of the whole team, some gorgeous family photos or an event – it never needs to be scary and always achieves better results when not!

I loved playing different characters in my old life as an actor but these days I enjoy much more meeting so many different characters instead.  Everyone has a different tale to tell and it’s always inspiring to learn about other lives and professions, whatever they are.

I look forward to meeting you too!